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I teach women how to be friends with their body again using movement and mindfulness.

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Yoga and Movement Therapeutics

Healing through movement

Make your yoga work for you!

We work together to build strength, increase mobility and stability in your body so that you can feel confident, strong and healthy.  Our tools are varied and include Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST), Yoga and Integrated Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation.

When you move well and feel strong, you feel better, you reduce or eliminate pain, and you will be able to do the things that matter most to you.

I am your partner in achieving your wellness goals so that you can live life on you terms.

Move well.  Feel Well.  Be Well.

My Commitments to You:

  • Customized movement program

  • Improved mobility

  • Increase strength and reduce compensation

  • Better stress management

  • Supportive & Compassionate Coaching

  • Reduce or eliminate pain

Fascial Stretch Therapy – FST

Improving Mobility & Muscle Function

Fascial Stretch Therapy – FST, is a table based assisted stretching modality designed to quickly and effectively eliminate pain, restore function, and help you move and feel better in activities of everyday life, fitness and sports.
People of all ages, fitness and activity levels benefit from Fascial Stretch Therapy – FST.
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Private and Group Instruction

My integrated approach to yoga teaches you how to become mindfully aware of your own movement patterns and how to build strength, flexibility and increase mobility in your own body.  We apply the principles of yoga, resistance training, primal movements and more to create an engaging, exploratory and fun class.

I truly believe in starting exactly where you are.  My classes are designed to be inclusive of all levels of fitness and mobility.

Regular mindful movement has been shown to reduce stress, improve posture, body awareness, and to build muscular function and flexibility.

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