“Hi Karen,

It’s been one week since my Fascial Stretch Therapy session and I wanted to let you know I’m still feeling really good.

Thank you.”


After my Fascial Stretch Therapy with Karen Rocha I felt amazing.  The various stretches really helped to loosen the tight muscles in my hips and thighs. Karen is very thorough and conscientious about targeting each area that needs stretching. I will definitely make this a regular practice. Thank-you for helping my body to function normally again!

Teresa Landers, Elementary School Teacher

“I’m excited to say my body feels better and some of the feeling in my thigh is back after my Fascial Stretch Therapy session!  

I am excited to see how I feel after a few treatments.  

Thanks again Karen!”


“I really enjoyed yoga class and the aromatherapy was a beautiful touch.

I received much needed self-care during this class.”


Karen Rocha is the person you want in your life if your goal is healing and overall wellness. As someone who is recovering from breast cancer treatment, I found my sessions with Karen to be my favourite part of the week.

She is an excellent listener and goes to great lengths to understand what it is that I need. Using her fascia training, she guided me gently and purposefully to a place of better mobility and self awareness. Even though the experience was entirely new to me, she made me feel almost immediately comfortable with her approach. I always left her feeling better than when I arrived.

I liked her philosophy of “pain doesn’t serve you”.  Karen never wanted me to feel discomfort, so she would adjust any movement or stretch to stay within a pain-free zone.  For someone in recovery mode, this was definitely welcomed.  Karen taught me how even very small movements can net great results.

She has an ability to truly listen and customized each session based on how I was feeling.  Whether you are in excellent shape, or struggling to get to a better place, I strongly believe that sessions with Karen can benefit you. There was nothing but positivity in my experience with Karen and I highly recommend working with her.

Kim MacDonald, Weather Network Anchor and Breast Cancer Survivor

I have been a client of Karen Rocha’s over the past few months. Karen has been providing me with Yoga Therapy services on a weekly basis. I came to her in the hopes that she could provide some relief from chronic arthritis and  the aftermath effects of a serious car accident from 10 years ago which left me unable to work full time for two years. Honestly, I was skeptical that Karen could provide anything new or different that I hadn’t already tried such as acupuncture, traditional and non-traditional pain relief methods, chiropractic services, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy.

I was impressed at how quickly Karen was able to assess my needs which often changed on a weekly basis. She has a natural and warm approach and I felt that she really listened to me. But most importantly, she truly taught me how to listen to my own body and to determine exactly how I was feeling and to identify my needs.

Karen’s patience with me was amazing as I tried and eventually succeeded at moving my body in ways that would help me to carry on these practices in my everyday life. I tend to be overly ambitious and will “overdo it”. Karen taught me that often less is more, a concept which I had heard but never paid much attention to in the past.

I am no longer waking up in the middle of the night in pain, nor using any over the counter pain medications. I am waking up feeling great and ready to start the day instead of taking sometimes 20 minutes or more to physically get out of bed. I am sleeping better at night and generally feel better physically and mentally less stressed. I work long hours and my job can be physically demanding, but I no longer feel that it is too overwhelming!!!

I am grateful to have connected with Karen, for her wisdom, expertise and skills… for her kindness, authenticity, patience and perseverance with me, I look forward to many more continued sessions of Yoga Therapy and continuing on this journey to wellness!

Melda Wales, Itinerant Teacher

My trip to India with Karen was a special life experience I will cherish always. The trip was well researched and planned, with helpful, patient pre-travel guidance and support. Once in India, the hotels were lovely, the itinerary was well structured yet with time to wander or reflect, experiences ranged from prestigious monuments and temples to a grass roots village and a local cooking/yoga class, Indian guides were warm, knowledgeable, and responsive, and Jackee and Karen led us confidently, navigating unforeseen issues with skill and grace.

India itself should be on your bucket list if it is not already (it was not on mine). India is an incredible place of rich culture and history, intense colour, sounds, smells, and energy. Its people are warm, beautiful, and inspiring, easy to talk to and curious about visitors to their homeland. The skill of artisans and craftspeople is impressive, as is their humility.  India is a world of complex cultural intricacies, and it is a society admirably struggling to evolve amid harsh life realities that can be heartbreaking to witness.

I loved everything about India. It is an emotional and spiritual journey like no other, and I highly recommend you veer off your normal path and let Karen lead you on your own adventure of self-discovery in India.

Tracey Akitt

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